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Designer Clothing Shop (DCS) is a retailer of authentic designer clothing sourced from various designer boutiques. We wish to make it unequivocally clear that the Shop does not assert, suggest, or imply any formal agreement, license, or direct supply arrangement with the designers or manufacturers of the clothing items sold.
Our inventory consists of authentic designer clothing sourced through legitimate channels, such as boutique purchases and authorized distributors. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality designer products while adhering to all legal and ethical standards.

The DCS operates independently and does not represent itself as an official extension of any designer's manufacturing or distribution network. Any brand names, logos, or trademarks featured on our products are used solely for identification and reference purposes.

Customers should be aware that the prices and availability of our designer clothing may vary from those offered by the designers themselves or their official boutiques. We strive to ensure the accuracy of product descriptions and representations to the best of our ability.

Product Packaging Practice Statement

At Designer Clothing Shop (DCS), we uphold the highest standards of privacy and business integrity. To this end, we systematically remove certain detachable product descriptions from the packaging of our items. This practice is a deliberate measure designed to protect the confidentiality of our vendor relationships and our proprietary business information, including sensitive details such as wholesale pricing.

Please be advised that this policy concerning the removal of specific information, including store tag labels, is definitive and crucial for safeguarding our operational confidentiality.  We value our customers’ understanding regarding these measures.
We assure our customers that all items retain the essential designer brand product information tags, which include the style identification code and item production details.  Furthermore, any designer brand items sold with additional accessories, such as garment bags, dust bags, and boxes, will be included with your purchase if they are provided at the point of our acquisition from the brand’s boutique.
For clarity, our reference to “store tags” pertains exclusively to the paper product tags and not to the designer brand’s fabric tags that are sewn into the garment.

Israel Tellez Collard, owner